PolyWorks® 2015 offers a new plug-in for the Surphaser long-range laser scanner

PolyWorks® 2015 offers a new plug-in for the Surphaser long-range laser scanner


InnovMetric Software Inc. is pleased to announce that the latest intermediate release of PolyWorks 2015 offers a new plug-in that captures spherical point cloud grids measured by the Surphaser HSX long-range laser scanning devices, manufactured by Basis Software. PolyWorks 2015 IR7 allows its users to connect directly to a Surphaser device through a PolyWorks dialog box, enabling them to:

  • Generate a preview of a laser scan
  • Select areas of interest in the preview and configure scanning parameters prior to launching the scanning operation
  • Scan the surface of a part at a given resolution, automatically detect alignment targets that are present in the scanned data points, then optionally rescan the detected targets at a higher resolution to improve the accuracy of the measured target center points
  • Apply various filters offered by Basis Software’s post-processing toolbox to reduce measurement noise and remove outliers
  • Transfer the final laser scan into PolyWorks and automatically align it to previous scans using measured targets

The new Surphaser plug-in, combined with the new spherical grid Data object and spherical grid meshing technologies introduced in PolyWorks 2015 IR5, dramatically simplifies the spherical laser scanning workflow in PolyWorks and improves the productivity of Surphaser users.

The customers in the aerospace industry that InnovMetric and Basis Software share have requested a better integration of our respective technologies. We are pleased to deliver an efficient solution that will facilitate the inspection of large assemblies within the production workflow,” said Marc Soucy, president of InnovMetric Software.

PolyWorks 2015 IR7 is available for download from InnovMetric’s Technical Support Zone.


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