Collecting Trustworthy 3D Measurements

The Smart 3D metrology Approach

3D Dimensional Analysis & Quality Control

Collecting Trustworthy 3D Measurements
The Smart 3D Metrology Approach


Metrologists know that measurement systems aren't perfect. By performing a Measurement System Analysis (MSA), you can identify the components of variation in your measurement process and take corrective measures to ensure it represents no more than 30% of measured deviations.

Discover a fully digital MSA process, including repeatability and Gauge R&R studies, that produces results directly in Excel for analysis and sharing. Along the way, you’ll learn:

  • Key MSA concepts and their practical application for 3D measurement devices
  • How to set up and execute repeatability and Gauge R&R studies using a smart 3D metrology software
  • How to efficiently analyze the results to reduce variation in the measurement process

Read our free MSA White Paper for a simple methodology that will enable you to perform an MSA for each new part you produce, increasing part quality and guaranteeing actionable inspection results.



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