See why PolyWorks® is the world-leading portable metrology solution for the vehicle industry

Market leader in point-cloud-based inspection and analysis for automotive applications since 2001, PolyWorks® has become the portable metrology industry’s standard for major automotive OEMs and tier-one suppliers. InnovMetric and its partners offer a broad range of technical services to optimize the integration of PolyWorks into the processes of its automotive customers.

Case Studies



InnovMetric and 3D Scan IT help Eifel Inc. halve injection-mold delivery times and maintain margins.


Bushwacker Inc. turns to PolyWorks|Modeler’s reverse engineering capabilities to move from concept to prototype in just a few days.

Majestic Industries

The Leica scanner and PolyWorks combo help Majestic Industries slash die tryout time by half.

Aerodynamic Trailer Systems

Aerodynamic Trailer Systems uses the PolyWorks® software solution to help digitize a challenging shape and perform CFD analysis and wind tunnel tests on its inflated truck boattails.

Miniature Precision Components

InnovMetric and ShapeGrabber help MPC Molder make timely production decisions for auto parts.

Pratt and Miller

Pratt & Miller uses PolyWorks® solutions to redesign parts, significantly reducing time and cost.

Scanning and Inspection Pty

Scanning and Inspection Pty turns to PolyWorks® and analyzes the relationship between the doorframe and the car body in less than 1 hour.

Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler and Renault

Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, and Renault Turn to PolyWorks® to Reduce the Time for CFD Analysis by up to 83%.